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Disciple Features

An amazing journey to empower you to have and enjoy life to the full, in abundance, till it overflows



Join an interactive Disciple journey today and learn new truths of the Word of God. Get Started - Introduction




It is our great desire that you develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and build a firm foundation on the Word of God for your everyday life. It is through your relationship with Jesus, that you can live in His kingdom and have an abundant life and share it with others, and so make disciples for Jesus Christ.



Free on Multiple Platforms

  • [Coming Soon] Disciple can be downloaded through iTunes as an app for iPhone or iPad
  • Disciple can also be completed on the website: http://disciple.zone


Hard Copy

  • Disciple is also available as a hard copy book


Disciple is great on the web...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!

Expanded Journey

Continue your journey as a Disciple with more learning and truth

  • Heritage of Faith Bible Institute

    Bible training, allowing students to be dedicated christians within their local church, home, market place and at the same time dedicating themselves to a meaningful lifestyle study of Word of God.
    The Word
    Read More
  • Prayer Life

    Learn how to PRAY
    with power and get answers
    Prayer School
    Read More
  • Find a Church or Bible School

    Find a Church or Bible School using Disicple.
    The body
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  • "Life Changing"

    Disciple opened the door to my new life.

    gareth Gareth
  • "Interactive"

    What an awesome interactive journey that has kick started my life as a Disciple of Jesus Christ
    You can see the effort and thought that went into this masterpiece

    Titus Titus
  • "Revelation"

    The truth and revelation has set me on a new course of serving in the kingdom of God

    Kim Kim
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  • Disciple Others

    Disciple is the perfect tool it is designed for everyone to disciple anyone, young or old.

    You can sit over the coffee table and become a disciple, disciple a group.

    Who can Disciple help

    • A church thats wants to create disciple
    • A believer/mentor/elder/leader who wants to disciple.
    • A new believer trying to understand what has just happened.
    • A Bible School starting a new course.
    • A Home Group wanting to grow in the Lord Jesus.
    • Anyone

    Learn More About Disciple

    Get more information about this incredible vision, its features, and discover all the ways that it can help create disciples.

    Invite others to Disciple

    Invite other to become Disciples


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    Disciple interactive elements